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New Local Business Collaboration – JB’s Coloured Pencil Art – 01.05.2024

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We are delighted this year to be working in partnership with local artist ‘ John Birnie – JB’s Coloured Pencil Art’.  We have our online shop where we advertise greetings cards for sale, which are also available for sale onboard along with our other branded merchandise.  Our current greetings card stocks were created from an artist in the Highlands.  All created through paintings in pastel from photos taken by a number of passengers who joined our tours and with their permission of course.  

With stocks of our current online shop coming low for our greetings cards, we are this year keeping the creation to a local supplier.  John Birnie (JB’s Coloured Pencil Arts) is creating greetings cards using his fine pencil art skills, all inspired by photography he has taken on our tours.  He also suggested adding a photograph of our boat and contact details onto the back, great promotion for both business. 

We are very excited about this new collaboration and once produced, we will have them for sale online and onboard, along with our other branded merchandise.   

Until John’s drawings are ready to sell onboard, we have purchased some of John’s wildlife greetings cards which he currently has available, all of which are taken locally.  He has also added our boat and business details onto the back.  John quoted “Nice picture of your boat on the back, for visitors to remember their holiday experience on your boat”.

John is a self taught coloured pencil artist and has dabbled in pencil art on and off over the years and after retiring in 2012, we found more time to indulge in his art hobby.  Originally it was only graphite pencils he used as an art media but then he was inspirited by coloured pencil work.  He discovered online and especially the fine detail that the medium allows.

He has gradually developed his own style with drawings inspired by the scenery and wildlife of the Shetland Islands.

He tends to work with ‘Faber Castell’ Polychromos pencils which are oil based and allow for very fine detail and depth of colour.  You can view his drawings by visiting his website:  All his artwork is referenced from his own photographs.

This is an exciting new innovative partnership with promotion for both local family businesses.   

We have also created a new website page ‘Partnerships & Sponsorships’ detailing all of the local businesses we collaborate with and support – great to support our local community where we can.