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We are again this year, a recommended boat operator for the Sea Watch Foundation – a charity the business has been part of ever since the early days. We were recently approached by one of the team as they wanted to do a story on our business, we look forward to sharing this soon.
Sea Watch Foundation is a national marine environmental charity working to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the seas around Britain and Ireland.
We work closely with Seawatch by reporting sightings and they know we are always there to assist where we can, with any surveys to gather important data to help towards the conservation of our marine wildlife. 
Sea Watch Foundation Mission
Ceteceans are at risk of decreasing population sizes and even local extinction due to continuous threats to them and their habitats.  These threats include capture and drowing in fishing gear, sound disturbance, marine pollution and over-fishing.
Sea Watch Foundation Aims

Monitoring the numbers and locations of whales and dolphings in order to gain valuable knowledge of the health of our marine environment, and insight into the effects of chemical pollution, noise disturbance, over-fishing, accidental capture in fishing gear and climate change.

Involving the public in scientific monitoring. 

Raising awareness and understanding of marine mammals and the threats they face.

Educating, informing and advising for better environmental protection.  

As a business with 32 years of experience, we continue to lead the way for responsible boat-based ecotourism. At all times we follow the Nature Scot Marine Wildlife watching code and we are also WiSe accredited operators, proudly adhering to strict protocols to minimize disturbance to marine wildlife.

If you’d like to find out more about how to minimise disturbance visit šŸ‘‡…/scottish-marine-wildlife…

If you think you are witnessing a wildlife crime, take footage of the incident and report it to the Wildlife Crime Unit on 101.