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Geopark Shetland Partnership – 12.03.2024

The Noss Boat

Shetland Unesco
Global Geopark Partner

We are proud to continue as partners of Geopark Shetland which is managed by Shetland Amenity Trust and we look forward to our journey with them for many more years to come.  We 100% respect the landscape and nature of Shetland, carrying out activities on a yearly basis which protect, improve and promote our environment.  

We show our commitment by providing engaging ‘live’ commentary on the striking geology as we navigate around the island of Bressay & Noss National Nature Reserve, as well as geological points of interest to be found around Lerwick’s beautiful harbour.  We share our knowledge with great passion and enthusiasm which is always commented on as a fabulous touch to our tours, at end of tour feedback and from our many fantastic Trip Advisor reviews.  We also share our geology knowledge further afield as we host a display of geology leaflets in our expertly curated library which can be found inside our saloon area and always well stocked, so please do help yourself.  As always we are happy to point you in the right direction to further explore Shetland’s diverse geology.  

The islands of Shetland have been on an incredible geological journey. This land has travelled from near the South Pole, across the equator, to its current spot at the crossroads of the North Atlantic and the North Sea.

Due to the lack of trees and the abundance of stone, Shetland has some of the best-preserved archaeology in Europe.

The geology of the islands influences every part of life – they provide a home for unique biodiversity and they influence human settlements, their activities, and their industries.

What is a UNESCO Global Geopark?

UNESCO Global Geoparks are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development. A UNESCO Global Geopark uses its geological heritage, in connection with all other aspects of the area’s natural and cultural heritage, to enhance awareness and understanding of key issues facing society, such as using our earth’s resources sustainably, mitigating the effects of climate change and reducing natural hazard-related risks.

By raising awareness of the importance of the area’s geological heritage in history and society today, UNESCO Global Geoparks give local people a sense of pride in their region and strengthen their identification with the area. The creation of innovative local enterprises, new jobs and high-quality training courses is stimulated as new sources of revenue are generated through geotourism, while the geological resources of the area are protected.


Tourism: Geoparks are places of thriving responsible tourism and development, where people live and work. They act as catalysts for community enterprise, innovation and business for the benefit of everyone.

Conservation: UNESCO Global Geopark status does not offer statutory protection and places no restrictions on development or on farming practices. Instead, UNESCO Global Geoparks work in conjunction with existing designations to promote the protection of our local environment.

Education: Geoparks are outdoor classrooms and living laboratories, where the stunning landscapes inspire learning and discovery, contributing to environmental education that helps deepen our understanding of the world around us.