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Attending McKinlay Kidd 20th Anniversary Celebrations 21.11.2023

Celebrating 20 Years Of McKinlay Kidd
We had a fantastic time in Glasgow on Thursday 2nd November, where we joined team McKinlay Kidd in celebrating 20 years of business.
Year after year we work in collaboration with this fabulous company and such a fantastic team to work with. The business was launched in 2003 by husband and wife team Robert Kidd and Heather McKinlay. They are dedicated to helping independently-minded visitors get the most out of their holiday and now employ a team of around 20, mainly based at their office in central Glasgow.
From day one, their principle has been that they won’t send you anywhere they haven’t been themselves, delighted you have Shetland and our tour on your itinerary. We provide our Noss Boat Tours to all their clients who come to Shetland and from all over the globe. Was great hearing feedback from the team on the night, that our tour is a holiday highlight for all clients who book their Shetland tour.
We called along their office through the day prior to the evenings events to present them with a Shetland hamper – thank you to Island Larder for making up such a fabulous selection. We hear the puffin poo is going down a treat.
The evening was fantastic, good music, food, drams and excellent company. Was a great opportunity to meet many of their other suppliers and some of their team over from Ireland. As they say in Ireland “was good craic”.
We look forward to working with the fabulous team for many more years to come.  
We were delighted to get a photo with some of the team – from left to right:
Marie Leask, Robert Kidd, Heather McKinlay, Jenni McGuinnes, Zoe Davidson, Brian Leask and back row we have a fabulous photo bomb from Conor Donnelly šŸ˜‚.