Great Skua Keeping Up With Seabird

Known Locally As ‘Da Bonxie’

We have been playing around with some new video software, took me a few hours to figure out how to remove background music to allow me to add sound tracks, was frustrating at times but I was not going to give up and success, so we thought we would share one of our fun clips from a couple who provides a fun tour suited for all ages.  

This video footage was shared with us from one of our guests back in 2019, we or should I say Brian made it a bit more fun with his choice of music.  This footage shows a Great Skua also known as Bonxie here in Shetland, trying its very best to keep up with Seabird going back into Lerwick Harbour after a stop off at the Bressay Lighthouse – one of many stops where we have so much history to share and always makes a nice photo opportunity with the heart shaped archway.