Handmade A5 Puffin Notebook Cover (Hardback Notebook Included)




These unique notebook covers are made by a lady called Kim Eales, she makes them in her studio in Berkshire on the River Thames.  When she retired she felt it was time to do something creative and fun, having embarked on a few hobbies, she came across the wonderful creative embroidery scene  Whilst walking around the stitching and knitting show in London a few years ago, she decided to buy a small machine and tried to embroider her grandchildren’s names on various items.  This quickly grew to other people wanting various items for family and friends.  Today she runs own small business which enables her to make gifts that are unavailable elsewhere, that are totally unique and personalised. 

The puffin covers are made using 100% cotton and on one hooping using her embroidery machine.  She can make various sizes, these are the largest and the A5 notebook supplied along with the cover, fits nicely inside.  This means you can use this beautiful puffin cover over and over.  She has over 300 different materials in stock with various designs, but these are the cutest and make a beautiful gift to cherish. 

Delivery available outside of the UK, please get in touch.