Seabirds-and-Seals Book (Author: Jonathan Wills)


Stories from years of wildlife guiding around the Shetland Islands of Bressay and Noss. Written by ‘Jonathan Wills’ who founded Seabirds-and-Seals in 1992, This entertaining and thoughtful new book took some 85,000 miles to write – more than three times around the world without sailing more than 3 miles from Victoria Pier in Lerwick. It’s the story of how a teenage enthusiasm for birdwatching evolved over many years into an award-winning wildlife tourism business. It’s also many stories about the human and natural history of Bressay and Noss (including a few old Bressay yarns). After sailing around these two small Shetland islands for over a quarter of a century, the author asks big questions about evolution, geology, sustainable fishing and seabird ecology. As the man who pioneered underwater viewing and plankton microscopy as Shetland visitor attractions, Jonathan Wills had a special interest in marine biology and the tiny creatures of the sea. The book is lavishly illustrated by the author, with help from some photographer friends.

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