Record-Breaker Year For Basking Sharks In Shetland Waters

This year is shaping up to be a record-breaker for BASKING SHARKS in Shetland waters. We’ve nearly seen as many this year as we have in the business’s last 30 years of operating around Bressay and Noss.
Back in September we encountered several individuals which gave us amazing views and naturally as a WiSE accredited operator we watched them under a strict code of conduct to avoid unnecessary disturbance, letting the animals come to us rather than us to them.
Basking Sharks are the second-largest fish in the World, with the incredible Whale Shark taking the top accolade of being the biggest.
It truly was a magical day with two full tours and fabulous guests, we were very lucky to be treated to the basking sharks on both tours, plus a minke whale on the final tour of the day but unfortunately did not surface long enough for photography!