Noss Boat – WiSe Scheme Accreditation March 202

WiSe Scheme Accreditation
Delighted as the NO.1 Noss Boat to receive WiSe Scheme Accreditation.

As the No.1 wildlife boat tour to Noss, we are thrilled to have received accreditation to The WiSe Scheme – the UK’s national training scheme for minimizing disturbance to marine wildlife.

As WiSe members we commit to abide by not only national and local laws on wildlife conservation and disturbance avoidance, but also the WiSe Codes of Conduct.

A few examples of our responsibilities, include slowing down to a speed of 6 knots or less when approaching cetaceans a kilometre away, limiting our encounter time with cetaceans to a maximum of 15 minutes and approaching cetaceans in a pre-determined and responsible manner.

WiSe is not an award as such – it involves attending an online course during March and over a couple of evenings to gain accreditation. We thoroughly enjoyed it, wholeheartedly recommend it and urge all other marine wildlife tour operators to do the same – more information at