Noss & Bressay Wildlife Daily Cruises

About Our Daily Tours- April-October

Daily Sunrise Boat Trip Around Noss (2hrs) – Departs At 5:15am (Passenger Check-In 5:00am)

This is an additional trip we have added – it is different from our 10:15am and 2:15pm trips as this is just a 2-hour trip(without underwater viewing) and is suited at those of you who are on the go early and like some outdoor activity prior to breakfast.  Our ‘Sunrise Boat Trip’ offers a perfect opportunity for some amazing photography shots at the back of Noss as you capture the early morning light! We will have you back in Lerwick for 7:15am with a great appetite after all that early morning fresh air and stories to share from your trip over breakfast!

Daily Trips Around Noss National Nature Reserve & Bressay With Underwater Viewing (3hrs) – Departs At 10:15am & 2:15pm (Passenger Check-In 15 mins prior to departure)

Seabirds-and-Seals offers you the ultimate wildlife experience with our two daily 3-hour trips around Noss National Nature Reserve & Bressay, where you will get to enjoy Shetland’s abundant Seabirds & Seals and the views are awesome, giving you photographic opportunities with the awesome Noss cliffs in the background.  You won’t believe how close we’ll take you to the 25,000 gannets, thousands of guillemots and hundreds of puffins, razorbills, black guillemots, gulls, shags and skuas.  We sometimes(No False Promises) meet porpoises, occasionally whales, otters and dolphins.

This trip includes ‘Underwater Viewing’ with our remotely controlled tethered mini-submarine, a camera on the submarine feeds live colour video images to display screens in the cabin and on the deck.

Our boat ‘Seabird’ is a 13.5m twin engine Catamaran – making a stable platform for viewing with lots of space inside & out to view Shetland’s spectacular seabird & seal colonies.  We are licensed to take 12 passengers per trip.  Toilet facilities are provided and during the trip we offer tea/coffee/juice & biscuits.

Dawn Patrols (Evenings 7pm-10pm Late June – Late July)

From late June to late July an evening charter from 7pm to 10pm gives you a chance of seeing young guillemots leaping from the cliffs to begin their lives in the open sea.

Underwater viewing in the harbour (Evenings)

Evenings are also a great time for underwater viewing as quite often the wind falls flat, we use the lights on our remotely controlled submarine video camera. We can arrange one-hour or two-hour charters to explore the underwater wildlife of Bressay Sound – please contact us to arrange your evening tour.


One of the most spectacular wildlife sights on Earth is just 40 minutes from Lerwick, the Shetland capital. You won’t believe how close we’ll take you to 25,000 gannets, thousands of guillemots and hundreds of puffins, razorbills, black guillemots, gulls, shags and skuas at Noss National Nature Reserve.

Millions of years of wind and ice eroded these ancient desert sandstones into 2km of cliffs, up to 181m high, with thousands of ledges and balconies making perfect nest sites for the seabirds. The stupendous roar of the Noss “choir” is a sound you’ll never forget.

The air swarms with birds: squawking gannets come in to land and display to their mates; serried ranks of squabbling guillemots growl incessantly; great skuas or “bonxies” swoop in piratical raids on nests and chicks – when they’re not forcing adult gannets to crash land and hand over their lunch!

Our boat, m.v. Seabird, has twin engines to get there faster and so spend more time with the birds and seals. Seabirds-and-Seals takes you really close up to the awe-inspiring sights and sounds (and smells!) of this extraordinary seabird metropolis.

Along the way the way you’ll discover the fascinating coastline of the island of Bressay. The route each day changes, depending on the wind speed and direction – we always steer our course for the most sheltered water.


Corals in the forest

Weather permitting, you’ll sail close to the magnificent rock arch of The Giant’s Leg and, with our underwater camera, view plankton, starfish, crabs, sea urchins, sea anemones, soft corals and jellyfish in the beautiful Orknis Geo (“The Orkneyman’s Cave”) or on a sheltered reef where fish glide above the kelp forest.

We sometimes (no false promises!) meet porpoises, occasionally whales, and otters and dolphins – and most days we get close to the grey seals and harbour seals.

In this sandstone corner of Shetland’s Global Geopark you’ll see what the climate was like 360 million years ago and see traces of volcanic gas explosions, giant storms and rapid sea level rise.

Shetland has sunk some 400 feet (120m) since the ice started to melt 15,000 years ago. Rapid global warming and sea level rise since then mean we have several more coastlines underwater. On our Seabirds-and-Seals tour you can explore parts of the half of Shetland, that lies beneath the surface of The Shetland Sea. We pioneered underwater viewing in Shetland in 2001 and we were the first to develop the best remote-viewing dive sites, such as The Orkneyman’s Cave.