Wildlife Boat Trips around Noss, Shetland Islands
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Bressay/Noss Wildlife Cruises

April to October - Daily Trips Around Noss National Nature Reserve & Bressay With Underwater Viewing

Normally departs at 10.15am & 2.15pm - trip times and duration is 3 hours, but can vary depending on other bookings to suit requirements.
(Pre-booked passengers check-in 15mins prior to departure)

Cruise Ship Passengers / Private Charters 
– We alter our daily tours to accommodate your arrival & departure. Please contact us for details of any altered sailing times and we will happily accommodate you and answer any questions you may have!

Seabirds-and-Seals offers you the ultimate wildlife experience with our two daily 3-hour trips around Bressay & Noss National Nature Reserve, where you will get to enjoy Shetland's abundant Seabirds & Seals and the views are awesome, giving you photographic opportunities with the awesome Noss cliffs in the background. You won't believe how close we'll take you to the 25,000 gannets, thousands of guillemots and hundreds of puffins, razorbills, black guillemots, gulls, shags and skuas. We sometimes meet porpoises, occasionally whales, otters and dolphins.

Our boat 'Seabird' is a 13.5m twin engine Catamaran, which will get you to the cliffs quickly and so to spend more time with the birds and seals. Seabird has a fine stable platform for viewing with lots of space inside & out to view Shetland's spectacular seabird & seal colonies. Seabird has the biggest viewing platform on the fleet. Seabirds-and-Seals takes you really close up to the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of this extraordinary seabird metropolis.

We’ll sail you through the magnificent rock of the Giant’s Leg.  We take you into the beautiful Orkneyman’s Cave.  Depending on where our ROV (Underwater Camera) dive site is for that day – we sometimes can see plankton, starfish, crabs, sea urchins, sea anemones, soft corals and jellyfish.

Along the way you'll discover the fascinating coastline of the island of Bressay. The tour can change from day-t0-day depending on the wind speed and direction – we always steer our course for the most sheltered water.

All of the above is subject to weather conditions and migration.

We are licensed to take 12 passengers per trip.  Toilet facilities are provided and during the trip we offer tea/coffee/juice & biscuits.  Wheelchair users also welcome, but must be able to get out of the wheelchair to access the cabin & toilet as the the doors are not wide enough for wheelchairs.

Live commentary provided throughout the trip and can be heard throughout the boat as we have a P.A System installed, so whether sitting out on deck or inside the cabin – you won’t miss out on any of the information being shared.

Millions of years of wind and ice eroded these ancient desert sandstones into 2km of cliffs, up to 181m high, with thousands of ledges and balconies making perfect nest sites for the seabirds. The stupendous roar of the Noss “choir” is a sound you’ll never forget.

The air swarms with birds: squawking gannets come in to land and display to their mates; serried ranks of squabbling guillemots growl incessantly; great skuas or “bonxies” swoop in piratical raids on nests and chicks – when they’re not forcing adult gannets to crash land and hand over their lunch!


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